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We started Cerberus Coffee in 2019 just as two people who shared the desire to create opportunities to try new things, promote an inclusive and welcoming space in our rural Southern Oregon town, and grow genuine partnerships with people who share similar values.

Coffee shops have the ability to foster wonderful communities around them, and we understand this to be an important piece of what we do. Important connections are made over hot cups of coffee, relationships are sustained while sharing cookies and toast, big ideas are brewed over pots of tea - and we want to help make tasty memories while they happen.

We do this by brewing espresso and coffee to perfection, handcrafting all that we can in-house using high quality local ingredients, while treating our guests and employees like family.

We began roasting our small batch coffee in the Applegate Valley within a year of opening, seeing it as an opportunity to extend our values to a wider community of people and businesses. We work with green coffee importers that work directly with farmers around the world paying prices above the Fair Trade minimums. 

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Meet the Owners

Cody Gordon started in the coffee industry as a barista in 2007. He learned to dial in and brew coffees from some of the world’s top roasters and later helped to build and grow flagship roasting companies and cafes in the California Bay Area.

Kristina comes from a community support-service background and has always had a passion for sharing care through food. Whether it is baking cookies and cakes, choosing and implementing an intentional tea program, or fermenting local produce, they strive to put unique flavors forward in favorite comfort foods.