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Our Cafe

Located in the heart of historic and charming Jacksonville, Oregon, the Cerberus Coffee brick-and-mortar cafe and micro-bakery plays host to Rogue Valley regulars and new friends alike. 

With just 600 square feet of space, the Cerberus cafe produces signature coffee drinks, baked goods from a stone deck oven, and heartfelt customer service experiences seven days a week. Grab a cup of delicious drip and take a stroll through everything Jacksonville has to offer, such as historical landmarks, antique shops, dining, wineries, and the award-winning Britt Festival.

With a name inspired by an impossibly large foster dog, Cerberus Coffee offers a cozy and comforting experience to customers seeking scratch-made, seasonal sustenance. Locally roasted coffee and organic tea brands such as Blue Willow, Smith Tea, and Tipu’s Chai are on offer in limited retail quantities daily. There are also curated coffee items from well-known brands such as Slow Pour Supply, Aeropress, and Fellow available to peruse and bring into your own home. 

Emphasizing community involvement and intentionality, Cerberus forms connections and hosts conversations with people from all walks of life. Inclusivity and positivity remain integral to the Cerberus cafe brand, as the shop offers a welcoming haven and familial generosity to any who stumble upon it.