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Established in 2019, Cerberus Coffee brings small batch, locally roasted specialty coffee to Southern Oregon and beyond. Cerberus was born out of the desire to promote inclusion, conversation, and collaboration, both within and outside of the coffee industry. This inclusivity and conscious effort permeates all of Cerberus’s operations, from treating every cafe worker like family to ensuring intentionality in even the smallest of details.

Education and fairness are vital missions Cerberus Coffee strives toward. Through each handcrafted drink and carefully sourced varietal, Cerberus offers customers the opportunity to try new things and develop their palates. Genuine partnerships matter to Cerberus – both local and international. Emphasizing ethical practices when sourcing their coffee, Cerberus values transparency in farmgate pricing and consistently pays above Fair Trade minimums.

Not only has Cerberus fostered a welcoming cafe space and community in the Applegate Valley since its recent inception — it’s also afforded local and online customers the opportunity to broaden their experiences with handcrafted espresso thanks to the brand mission behind every quality cup.

An integral part of countless morning routines, Cerberus’s line of coffee and espresso plays a key role in fostering connections and comfort in equal measure. Cerberus Coffee is dedicated to building and sustaining collaborative relationships with third wave coffee enthusiasts, green coffee importers, local farmers, and Jacksonville regulars alike. 

By building these connections and extending a warm hand to anyone seeking quality coffee, Cerberus accomplishes their openhearted mission, one shot of espresso at a time.

Meet the Owners

Having made his start as a tenacious barista, Cody (he/him) brings over 15 years of expertise to the Cerberus team. After gaining experience from a variety of roles in the California Bay Area and the coffee industry at large, from wholesale directing for Highwire Coffee Roasters to catering for TED Talks, Cody decided to merge his hands-on training and self-mastery with intention, influencing the Cerberus Coffee mission. Since his passion for espresso began in 2007, Cody’s managed notable cafes, judged prospective baristas for the U.S. Coffee Championships, and spoken as a guest for multiple industry-related podcasts, such as Keys to the Shop. Eager to help fellow coffee enthusiasts grow their own expertise, Cody sources unique green coffee varietals for Cerberus’s roasting space and contributes seasonal menu items inspired by his Hispanic heritage.

From crafting Cerberus’s house-made syrups to deftly managing the cafe space, Tina (they/them) brings intention and openness into everything they do. Not only is Tina in charge of quality control and staff training within the cafe – they also provide culinary expertise to the Cerberus team through small-batch baked goods. Crafting vegan donuts, overnight focaccia, and seasonal quiches among many other recipes, Tina ensures that Cerberus customers are greeted with and sustained by quality, accessible comfort foods. Coming from a community support and service background, Tina prioritizes compassion in all of their delicious creations as well as their approach to staff wellness, promoting cohesion and an inclusive workplace culture. And Tina’s generosity isn’t limited to the cafe. They form intentional, sustainable relationships with local farmers and organic grain suppliers, bringing their unique brand of hospitality into every connection they make.