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The Wizard Cat Project

The coffee blend used in the Cerberus Coffee brick-and-mortar cafe, Wizard Cat is more than a well-balanced medium roast. Wizard Cat and the Wizard Cat Project serve as the ethical compasses of the Cerberus brand.

Inspired by the life of beloved friend Donnie Toumbs, the Wizard Cat Project ensures a portion of all Wizard Cat proceeds go directly to trans and LGBTQI+ resources, including resources that place an emphasis on queer mental health.

For every bag of Wizard Cat coffee purchased, both in the cafe and online, Cerberus donates to Trans Lifeline, Trans Queer Pueblo, and other community partnerships benefitting queer youth. Through local outreach programs, Pride festivals, and national charity connections, Cerberus Coffee makes an impact, one quirky cat at a time.

Check out these integral and life-changing organizations here:

Trans Lifeline

Trans Queer Pueblo